Crash on PowerBook G4

Hi Keith, I’ve been using Scrivener for a long while now. Till recently I’ve been happily writing one project on two computers: iMac 2 Core Duo and PowerBook G4.

However, today I decided to reinstall OSX on my Powerbook to clean it of all the trash accumulated over the years.

The first thing I did was to download & activate the Scrivener. And now my project crashes on Powerbook after I double-click it. It still works perfectly on iMac.

Additional piece of info: even though I have 1.03 on both computers, my PowerBook Scrivener suggests I update the project before opening it. Why would it?

What can I be doing wrong? (630 Bytes)

  1. As far as Scrivener asking you to update the project, it sounds as though you may have been using the new beta at some point. If so, don’t try to open the files in 1.03, as 1.03 will ask to update the files and then corrupt them irreversibly (but do not worry - a backup is made in the same folder that is not corrupted).

  2. Reinstall QuickTime. I’ve seen the errors in your crash log loads, and they are always caused by systems that do not have QuickTime properly installed (which Scrivener requires). This is usually caused by users migrating their data to a new machine using OS X’s buggy Migration Assistant, but not necessarily.


Thanks Keith!

You’re right on with both points. I did play with the beta a while ago (then put it aside), and I did migrate my data with the Migration Assistant.

Will follow your advice, hope it’ll fix it.

Excellent, all is fixed now. Quicktime reinstall was the solution.