crash on right click if item not selected first

BUG. Running Scrivener 1.0.2 on Win 7 x64. After opening previous files, Scrivener crashes on right-click when trying to add new text or folder under existing folder. Issue occurs if you right-click with left-clicking to select the entity first. Most common right ater opening Scrivener for first time. If right-click on folder that hasn’t been selected (left-click) first immediate “not responding”. If you select the item first, no issue.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this, so just to be clear, the steps I’m taking (on Win7 x64):

  1. Launch Scrivener.
  2. Open a project.
  3. Right-click a folder in the binder.

I’ve also tried left-clicking a few folders and files first and then right-clicking them, but I haven’t gotten any crashes or “Not Responding” messages. Is there another piece of the puzzle I’m skipping? Also, are you getting a complete crash–ie, Scrivener closes or Windows pops up a message saying you need to force close it–or is it just a brief hang with “Not Responding” and then it works?