Crash on start after update to 3.1

Hello Scrivener team,

I just received the update via the appstore to Scrivener 3.1.
Installing went fine but now it crashes on each start.
I’m not sure what’s wrong and cannot continue on my writing project.
PLS see screenshots, attached.
I’m using macOs Mojave. 10.14.1 on a Mac Pro.
Do you have any advise?


Anyone affected by this bug, please try re-downloading Scrivener from our website and re-installing - I have just uploaded which I hope fixes this. Please let me know if it works. My sincere apologies that this slipped through the cracks.

Thank you for your quick reply.
Can I overwrite the appstore version with the download version?


You can - as long as the App Store version has been run once, the regular version will recognise you as a registered user. I will be re-submitting to the App Store as soon as users have confirmed this fixes the issue for them too.

Since the download speed to your site appeared to be pretty slow , I choose to newly re-install 3.1 and this resolved the issue for me.
3.1 is now running fine and as expected.
Made me sweat for a moment … but now I’m awake for the writing night shift. :smiley:


PS: Darkmode looks cool. Great work.

Glad you’re up and running! Thanks for the kind words.

It’s happening to me as well. I’ll reinstall from the website.

Success! After reinstalling Scrivener, update installed & program opened.

I downloaded from the website — not the App Store —because I purchased from your website. Didn’t know if that information matters.