Crash - Using "Find" [BUG LOGGED]

1.3 Beta
Project has 106000 words 521000 characters.
Windows XP Service Pack 3

Went into the Scrivnering mode for the entire draft. Attempted to “Find” a common word. No response from the program. Pressed the “Next” button and received the Window’s crash message.

Restarted Scrivener. Document seems to be intact. I’ve made a backup and am attempting to repeat the issue.

Select “Draft” from Binder
Go into Scrivnering mode
Click on the actual document
Select “Find” - “Find” - next doesn’t seem to pull up any words
Close the dialog box.
Select “Find” -“Find Next” or “Find Previous” and the find function works

To reproduce the crash, leave out the step of clicking on the document

Select “Draft” from Binder
Go into Scrivnering mode
Select “Find” - “Find” - when next is selected, the program crashes.

Maybe it’s my expectations as a windows user, but Scrivener’s behavior where focus is concerned seems odd to me.

When I select something in the binder and it brings up the document that I want to see, I expect that the program has focus on that object, so that when I attempt to do an action on the object, like “Find” that it will occur. That doesn’t seem to be the case. The focus seems to be on the item in the Binder.

I’ve run into similar confusion with using the split screen and which part (if any) of the two screens has the focus. For instance

Select Doc 1
Select horizontal split screen
Select the lower pane - we see the gray bar change shade, indicating focus
Select Doc 2
Doc 2 comes into the lower pane
Click on single screen
Doc 1 takes the screen <-- this is non-intuitive for me as a windows user. The lower pane and Doc 2 had focus, but it’s not the one that remains when we return to single screen.

I’ll be happy to do experiments if you need more information or send a long a back up copy of my document if it’s project size that is an issue. Just let me know.