Crash when app is used on startup firewire HD

I am using my G4 laptop HD as the startup drive (via firewire) on a friend’s G5 PowerPC to take advantage of his nice 32" screen. When I open up the new beta it often crashes; however, when I use Scrivener Gold it works as smooth as it does on my laptop.

Things to Note:
-Both computer using latest Tiger
-Both Gold and Beta Version work wonderfully when running on computers separately, that is to say there are no crashes experienced.
-Crashes are frequent (beta only) when laptop is startupHD on G5 powermac.

Love the software. Very intuitive.

Hmm… This is weird (and worrying). There are a few crash situations in the current beta. I would be very grateful if you could keep me informed when beta 2 comes out, as to whether you are still experiencing the crashes. Beta 2 will be a couple of weeks yet but should be a little more stable. If you could send me your crash logs, that would be very helpful.