Crash when attempting auto-populate synopsis from picture

When in the research section of my project, I (stupidly, I admit) tried to auto-populate a synopsis from a picture of some text (JPEG file), forgetting that the computer can’t read it the same way I can, and it crashed my program. I’m running Windows XP Professional (Version 5.1 with Service Pack 3), and my Scrivener version is the one that came out this week–the 1.4 version. Obviously I’ll avoid doing this again, and it shouldn’t affect my work at all, but I thought you should know it happened, so if someone else tries this, they get an error-message instead of a crash. I might not be the only idiot in the world using the program.

This is very similar to the reported bug that caused Auto-Populate to hang when hit on an empty notecard. Basically, with no text to read, it crashes.