Crash when Binder is not selected[BUG LOGGED]

I clicked on the blank area in the Binder, so nothing was selected, and closed Scrivener.

When I reopened Scrivener, and clicked on the View Corkboard icon, Scrivener crashed. (“Scrivener.exe has stopped working.”)

I repeated this with clicking on the Outliner View and Text View icons as well: Scrivener crashed every time.

No problem at all as long as I have something selected in the Binder.

I’m running Windows Vista.

What version of Scrivener are you using?

I tried to replicate your bug with 1.3 in XP Pro and could not. When I reopened Scrivener it did so normally and displayed the ‘blank’ screen you get when clicking in the empty space in the binder.

Beta 1.3

As it did for me. That’s when I clicked on Corkboard View (or Text View or Outliner View). And then Scrivener crashed.

There’s no particular reason why someone would want to de-select the Binder, close Scrivener, then reopen Scrivener and click on one of the three Views. I wouldn’t think this would be a high-priority fix. But crashes make people nervous, and they’re inconvenient. The developers might see this as an opportunity to further improve Scrivener’s stability.

Excellent pick-up on this one. You’ve solved one of my headaches in not being able to reproduce related bugs. Thank you.

An easy bug to fix now that you’ve identified the root cause i.e. nothing selected in binder (physically click on nothing) and then exit Scrivener, re-open and click on any of the mode views. Bang! Scrivener crashes.

I think you’ve just solved 5 bugs with this one post.

Many thanks :wink:

I’m thrilled to be of help! You’re very welcome.

I’m new to Scrivener and really like what I’ve seen. Thanks for bringing it to Windows.