Crash when changing folder name in binder

I was trying to change some of the folder names in my binder. Twice now, trying to do that crashed Scrivener entirely. I think there’s some type of dialogue that pops up, but it crashes so fast I’m not sure – and I have no idea what that dialogue might say.

I know it didn’t happen every time I renamed a folder. The first time, it crashed when renaming the 3rd folder in a row. The second time when trying to change the 4th folder in a row. I don’t know how else to reproduce this to give more details.

I am running Scrivener on Win10 Home v. 22H2 (OS Build 19045.3086). My system has 32GB RAM. I currently have open a PDF, my Brave browser and Discord (in addition to Scrivener). I’ll be glad to supply any further information I can to assist.

Thank you!

ETA: did it again when I double-clicked on the folder title.

Do you have any collections? Or no?
Did you change any GUI fonts the menu uses when right-clicking a folder name? Some fonts will crash my app if the fonts are meh.
Chane your editor to default if you can. Scrivener displays what’s in the folder you are renaming.
Also, make sure the files are not locked. No one else has access to them as you’re editing things.
Is the folder 1GB or larger?

Could you give an example of a folder title that is causing Scrivener to crash? Do they have any special characters in them, for example? Are these preview titles (ones that Scrivener automatically added) or your own titles? Do you have a custom font in the binder, and if so, which? If you reset your Options to the default (you can save yours first to quick re-add them), do you still see this issue?

Apologies for my tardiness.

The folder names were the months of the year. “May”, “June”, etc. I wanted to pre-pend the number of the month “05 May”, “06 June”, etc.

At the time, I had not been using collections (but today, I made a BUNCH! lol). I have not made any changes to the GUI fonts for a long time; I’m not sure how far off of “default” I am but I definitely don’t have any funky fonts in use. The files are tiny – each one is a journal entry for the day. And no one else has access to my PC or my external SSD where my files are.

I think the problem came from the corrupted files – I clicked on a folder and Scrivener tried to read the contents and threw up on a couple of the files. Why that caused it to crash, I’m not sure. It may not even be related… But once I dealt with the files that it couldn’t read, everything was fine. I think. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I posted the other day about the corrupted files, but at the time of this post, I had not connected the two problems.

Thank you for your questions!