Crash when changing Settings WHILE using Composition mode (IN COMBINATION with Scrivenings mode, maybe?)

Hi, just wanted to report this quick, as it has happened multiple times.

I was unable to locate a “crash report” (and didn’t send one in at the moment, as I was too worried about getting back to what I was doing), but anyway, it crashed. In a manner similar to previous crashes. By which I mean: it has crashed multiple times before—each time when I was changing a setting while having a separate space open in Composition Mode. The specifics for this particular crash are as follows: I had the normal editor open in fullscreen. On a separate space, I had another editor open in Composition mode. It was also in Scrivenings mode, displaying several documents as one. I also had a Quick Reference pane floating on top of the Composition Mode space. Then I opened Settings, navigated to Editing > Revisions, then changed the color of the “Fifth revision”, which is when it crashed.

I don’t remember the details of the other times (maybe three) that this has happened—which particular settings I was changing, that is. But it has always been while using Composition mode in its own space, very likely been while using Scrivenings mode, and quite possibly been while using a Quick Reference pane floating on top. Something about making changes to settings while in Composition mode makes it mad, idk…

Happy hunting.