Crash when compiling for Kindle

I’m getting a crash when i compile for kindle. I’ve got the latest version of kindlegen which was on a server, but I’ve now saved it locally and still getting the crash.
It says scrivener has crashed but it remains open and i don’t get the compiled version at all.
These are the errors:

Thanks for your help.

I have the crash report if you need it, but this is the gist of it:

2013-01-28 12:27:05.962 Scrivener[1980:203] *** NSTask: Task create for path ‘/Users/Mac/Downloads/KindleGen_Mac_i386_v2_7/kindlegen’ failed: 22, “Invalid argument”. Terminating temporary process.

Hi Fangrock

I had a similar error when upgrading KindleGen.

Solution for me was in OS X Mountain Lion’s security settings.

If you use ML, this might also resolve your issue.

(1) Apple sign  > System Preferences
(2) Security & Privacy
(3) General
(4) Allow applications downloaded from: ANYWHERE (you might need to unlock the Sys Prefs with your admin password)
(5) Confirm the change
(6) Run Scrivener and try the Compile (might also help to re-confirm the KinGen location in the Compile window)
(7) If it works, the setting should be good/remembered from now on. You can go back into Sys Prefs and revert to your old security setting.

Hope this helps

Best wishes


Many thanks for your help Mac, but unfortunately it hasn’t worked. I’m stuck now because i need to get a project out.

Hi Fangrock

Sorry to hear it didn’t work.

Other compile formats work okay? So it is only the KindleGen that has a problem?

I’d be happy to try and do the compile for you on my iMac if you’re stuck. Would securely delete all the files straight away afterwards. You’d need to detail your compile settings for me.

Best wishes


Hello, just to confirm, all other compiles work ok, it’s just the kindle one. All i have done since i last used it it upgrade to mountain lion and install scrivener from the app store. I have a non app store licence for scrivener which i will try next. If i have no joy with that i’ll take you up on your offer - thanks!

If keith pops in, i hope he can maybe shed some light on it? :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Cool - hope you/Keith get it to work.

The issue you describe is the same as the problem I had after upgrading to ML, but for me it was fixed by the tweak to the System Prefs that I mentioned earlier. Imagine it is something to do with the permission needed for KindleGen to run.

Good luck


Hi Fangrock … this might help: … -scrivener

Perhaps your KindleGen has been put into quarantine by ML.



Thanks so much Mac :smiley: that has worked - ML must have quarantined kindlegen.
I really appreciate you help. I’ll never mention Keith’s name again (sorry if what i wrote earlier made me sound unappreciative).
Very best wishes,

Hey Darren

Glad you got it to work okay. I didn’t think you sounded unappreciative at all—just logical to hope that Keith would be able to help you out given that he is the Scrivener Guru.

If the roles were reversed, I would have thought and written the same things as you.

Good luck with the book



I tried allowing installs from anywhere and opening Kindlegen and allowing it run. Still crashes every time I try to compile. Says “It appears not to be proper Kindlegen file”, yet I just downloaded the latest version.

Version: KindleGen_Mac_i386_v2_8 (1)

Hi Steve,
Are you running Mountain Lion? Did you open it by right-clicking it?
I know it’s obvious, but have you opened Amazon’s zip file and are pointing Scrivener at the black kindlegen file shown below?