Crash when dragging an image file from one project to anothr

This is the right time to confess that I am using Scrivener against the instructions. The horrible truth is, I don’t write a novel at all. Nor do I intend to. So shoot me.

One thing I misuse Scrivener for is very short texts I write for a monthly. There is always a heavy load of reference material needed for these texts and I send them to the editor in a single file—so Scrivener is perfect for these too!

Yesterday was the deadline for the august issue, and after I had finished my 10 hour writing marathon I checked through the unused reference files. Most of them got trashed, a few I dragged into the september project.

When I moved a single png from august to september Scrivener crashed. When restarting it I got the scary “project has not been closed properly” message and after a second of shock I realized that nothing really bad had happened. I had saved the important august project before cleaning up so nothing was missing here. I did not have the time for saving the almost empty september project so the dragged files were not where I put them but I got some Recovered Files instead.

Dragged and dropped again, everything was fine.

I just wanted to mention it because the bug or whatever it was might occur to someone who was not so lucky to have saved before.

And this is what Console said:

PS: Here is the “e” missing in the subject due to its limitation of characters.
PPS: Indeed I happen to be an early bird but I definitely do not get up at 3 a. m. So how could I get the error message “after I had finished my 10 hour writing marathon” at 13:25???

Hi suavito,

Thanks for this. When you say everything works fine now, have you tried dragging this .png file between projects again? Does that now work again?

This one is actually on my radar - I have heard of Scrivener crashing in certain instances when dragging between projects several times, but I’ve never been able to reproduce it, so it’s one of those that are on my list that I haven’t been able to solve as yet. The error message you received is interesting though, and gives me a place to start, so I’ll take a look at that.

Thanks and all the best,

Yes, I dragged everything including this png again from one project to the other and it worked without any troubles.