Crash when dragging from one to another


Just started with Scrivener 1.1, downloaded a Featured Articles template.

Since I’d already made a small start of a magazine article, I thought I’d drag and copy some of the template pages from the template project over into my beginner project.

I dragged the research heading OK but when I dragged over the edit pages for the Draft itself, Scrivener shutdown. No errors were displayed and I couldn’t see anything relating to Scrivener in the Console logs.

Probably of little help to you but there you are anyway :slight_smile:


I’ve had a sneaking suspicion for a while that there is a bug somewhere in the code that handles the dragging of files between projects, but I’ve yet been able to track it down. Could you please try doing exactly the same again in a fresh project and see if you can repeat the crash/bug? If so, could you post the exact steps I need to reproduce?


Well, I had several goes at reproducing it but failed. Sorry