Crash when importing or viewing images

I installed Beta 1.7 for Linux from the community-provided .deb on Kubuntu 10.10. The project I’m working on has lots of .png images and text. Most of the images are independent files in their own folders (places and character casting for my own reference). This was working fine in the current version until I tried to use the name generator tool for the first time and got an error that the database file was missing:


I went to the folder referenced in the error text and saw that there were no database file to be found. I deleted the Literature and Latte folder and reinstalled the same version manually as root from the .tgz file provided on the official page. When I relaunched the program, my project loaded fine but I found that any time I clicked one of my image files from the sidebar menu to view it, Scrivener would quit unexpectedly. I can see the preview of each image fine in corkboard view – it’s just selecting the actual file that seems to cause the crash. The same thing happens if I try to import new image files, even if I create a brand new project and try to import them there. I’ve reinstalled several times now but the issue persists. I also still have no database file for the name generator tool, for the record, and the “Okay” button in all of the program’s popup dialogues has now transformed into the strange textless checkmark in the error image above.

I’m hoping this is a strange issue on my end and not a real bug. Ideas? :smiley: