Crash when moving things to the trash

So if I do shift-del, or right click and “move to trash,” it doesn’t crash. If I drag a file to the trash (this is with version 1. 1.0), it’ll hang and/or crash. I should add that sometimes it works perfectly fine. (Like now when I was trying to get a screencast of it for Lee.)

I don’t get this issue with 1.2.3 and WINE, though.

How about using Ctrl-DownArrow to move the item below the trash in the list, and then Ctrl-RightArrow to move it in—same result as drag?

I haven’t gotten the crash since. :frowning:

Okay, just had the crash happen again–using the key commands to move the file to trash (ctrl+arrows) doesn’t crash it. I’ll be damned if I can reproduce the crash, though.

Edit: I thought it was due to opening the project under both Linux and WINE/windows (at different times), but I created a text in Linux, closed Scrivener. Opened Scrivener with WINE and then closed it. Then I opened the Linux Scrivener again and tried to move the file to trash. No problems.