Crash when quitting with no documents open

Scrivener frequently crashes when I quit the application with no open documents. I’ve submitted the auto-generated crash report several times, but was wondering whether any other users have experienced this.

There is a known semi-random crash on quit bug that isn’t, as best we can tell, anything to do with Scrivener (it happens somewhere deep in the system frameworks). It cropped up years ago back when Apple released 10.8, and has been there in the background ever since. It’s a harmless crash, especially if there are no projects are open.

Mmm, semi-random crashes are my favorite kind of crashes.

Quick follow-up question: would it be common for this semi-random crash on quit to happen every time I quit Scrivener, but never with any other app?

In my experience I’ve seen it more often in Scrivener than other programs, but not exclusively. It is certainly possible for one program to be making use of things that other programs do not, and thus experience different kinds of stability however, if that is what you mean.

It’s a different problem, but one example is how Scrivener uses WebKit to display archived web pages and a few other things. Web pages can absolutely crash that and in turn crash Scrivener—but a program like TextEdit that doesn’t use WebKit for anything at all wouldn’t ever run into that kind of crash.