Crash when searching in Full Screen

Apologies if this is a well-known scenario, but it’s come to my attention and I thought I’d bring it up here.

I seem to invoke a crash of Scrivener (1.53) whenever I do a text search of a document when I’m in full screen mode.

Writing a chapter, where was that phrase again? Try to do a quick search for it … Beachball and crash. Every time.

Is that a known problem?


Yes, sorry, there is a known crash in full screen mode, and 1.54 is long overdue in fixing this problem. You can download this 1.54 early version:

Or, you can change the default full screen mode scroller in the Full Screen Preferences to no scroller or monocrhome scroller (it’s the default scroller that causes problems on Snow Leopard).

All the best,

Great, Keith. Thanks, that works.