Crash when tapping the apostrophe ' on the custom bar

The app crashes quite often when tapping on the apostrophe ’ in the upper custom bar. It never crashes when using the apostrophe in the standard keyboard.
Anyway when I relaunch the app after the crashes I find my work has been saved

Can you think of any relevant settings and conditions that might be necessary to see this crash? Here are my settings, so you can compare and let me know of any differences:

  • Font: Palatino-Regular 13pt (default)
  • Smart Punctuation: Single Quotes: straight
  • All the rest of “Smart Punctuation”: disabled.
  • Third-party keyboard: MessagEase (also tried stock keyboard).

Precise typing conditions may also matter. For example it may only ever happen when you use the button at the end of a line, or only ever at the very beginning of the document, or after a word but before a space, or in the same line as other apostrophes—etc.

P.S. Glad to hear the auto-save is working well!

Thanks for helping :smiley:

Courier New 12 (nostalgy mode: ON)

I didn’t mess with that so it should be all default. But both double and single quotes are on second option, straight (but inclined)

Again: I didn’t change anything, but I have Smart dashes and Smart ellipses active

Don’t have any

I haven’t noticed any particular condition necessary to make the crash happen: the app doesn’t crash every time I tap the ', just occasionaly. In italian the apostrophe is usually used between two words: “un’altro”, “quell’ora” etc…
Anyway I’ll try to understand if the crash may be reproduced.

The whole app works very very well! I’ve been waiting it for years!
Thanks again :smiley: