Crash when trying to open project folders [SAMPLE REQUESTED]

I’m on Windows 7 Ultimate.

There are specific folders where every time I try to click on a folder (to pull up the corkboard view) the program fails. I just started on a project and have 2 main folders - the first with 8 text pages, the second with 3 child folders. The second top level folder and its first child folder have this error. All of the other folders work fine. The second top level folder does not have any text pages directly under it. The child folder has 2. I can expand and contract both folders using the arrows in the outline view.

First I get a box that pops up and says:

Then after a couple of seconds, this error message comes up:

The program quits and will restart fine, until I click on one of those two folders again.

This just started happening to me as well.
Open up my project, click on corkboard view and scrivener crashes.
I am also using Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit version)

BUT If I click on “DRAFT” on the Bindr, it does not crash… as long as I don’t click the corkboard selection on the menubar top center; Once I do that, it still crashes.

Definitely sounds like a problem.

Do you think you could post a screenshot of how your binder looks like, as well as which folders are the problem? Or, if possible, a video that outlines how it crashes? Additionally, I think Lee might appreciate a copy of the entire project to troubleshoot if others cannot replicate the problem (although I think it might be a problem that other people may experience).

The error pops up when I click on the “Providers” folder or “Physicians” folder. The “Residents” folder and all of the others pull up the corkboard without a problem.

Happy to provide more information if that will be helpful.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks folks. I can’t duplicate this. Any chance of the getting a look at a sample of the zipped up project so I can try and duplicate the error on my machine.

If possible, send to lee AT literatureandlatte DOT com


Lee, apologies for the delay. I just sent the sample to you.