Crash when using Scratchpad.

Recently I’ve had a number of incidents of Scrivener disappearing, shutting itself down, when using the Scratchpad window. It happens on both my MacBook Pro and iMac, both running Mojave 10.14.3.

I don’t know if it’s a bug in Scrivener, a fault in Mojave, or something with my two computers, though I tend to discount it being hardware since it started happening on both Macs at the same time. But there is a definite problem.

It doesn’t happen right away - I can use Scratchpad for a while (I don’t keep track fo the time between crashes) but it will happen if I do it long enough.

It always happens when I’m typing. I can’t say what I was typing when it happens, but I did send in reports, so someplace in what I envision as the digital version of the the warehouse in Arc of the Covenant, there is a report. Hopefully “Top Minds” are working on it. : )

The good news is that I never lose data when it happens. The Scratchpad text is apparently current within a key stroke or two. That being the case, I can live with it, but thought you should know it’s happening.

I should also add it happens whether or not I have a document open and then open the Scratchpad, or just start Scrivener and open the Scratchpad to capture a quick though.

Anyway, FWIW with, that’s been happening. Now back to writing.


Known bug:

If you can make it happen consistently, we’d love to see detailed instructions.


I sent in reports. The most recent one about two minutes ago.

it’s nothing complicated, but it has happened a few times today. I can pretty much count on it happening. .

I start Scrivener. It opens to the pick a template or open a file form.

I only open ScratchPad and start typing. sometime later, as little as a few minutes, sometimes as long as an hour or maybe more, Scrivener crashes.

I s sometimes open the Scratchpad when writing in a *.scriv book file, I can edit or write in Scrivener for hours, even days or months with no crash. But if I open the Scratchpad, it will crash sooner or later. Mostly sooner.

No other application is affected or causes this behavior.

I wish I could provide more, but that’s it. I reopen Scrivener. Send the report to Apple and then the report to you folks, then get back to work.

My muse is hyper active today. I’ve roughed out the sparse plot line in Scratchpad to six stories today. I don’t like to tell the muse to stop.


Oh, and thanks for the reference to the known bug post. I’m very relieved to know I’m not the only one.



The bug seems to be in some third-party code we use to monitor changes in the external scratch pad folder, but even with the reports we’ve received, I haven’t yet been able to track it down - and I’ve never been able to reproduce it myself. I think that ultimately I’m going to have to rip out that code and find a different way of monitoring changes to the external folder, perhaps by occasional polling, which isn’t ideal.

Thanks and all the best,