I moved a document from Manuscript to Research. It had a few footnotes (a dozen?). Once that happened, I selected a media “document” from the research folder. This mp4 had played in Scriv3 previously, just fine, but within seconds after clicking, Scrivener crashed. Minidump file was generated.

I have the project and the minidump file zipped, as they were right after the crash.

On further investigation, it seems selecting the “document” that is the imported mp4 crashes Scrivener. I can’t even delete it using Scrivener itself. Time to haul out the rack and the thumbscr…, er… the Scrivx file and a text editor. On restart, it’ll complain about having something there it shouldn’t, and then we’ll see if the Recovered File (if there is one) causes issues.

On examination, the .scrivx file contains a reference to a directory holding a link. That link (content.mp4.lnk) functions properly when I double-click it. This should not be crashing Scrivener. The media player of preference on my box is VLC, and at the time I imported this file, it played fine.

Deleted the troublesome Binder entry from the .scrivx file, leaving the folder and its contents in place (anyone thinking of doing this, you can bollix up a lot of work this way. Backup first, and if it breaks you own all the pieces).

On restarting scrivener, it did recover the file, as a link.

Double-clicking this link does absolutely nothing, however, because the link it gives is (right click; copy link location) –

(which does not exist anywhere except in Scrivener’s, ah, mind)

and the file in question is…
and these are definitely different from one another.

Now, this DID give me the path to the problem file, but I wonder if this is intentional? I can understand it might be, to protect Scrivener from crashy content.

So, a couple of issues. Media files sometimes crash Beta 16, and the Recovered File link is… approximate.

Further investigation. This one surprised me.

I took a test document, and added a media file to it. During that session, I could play the media file. I saved the project, and tried to reopen it while another project was open. Scrivener crashed.

Attempting to open this file by itself also crashes Scrivener. I’ll try to reproduce this in another test project.

Managed to reproduce again, and a question. I used the batch file to get Scrivener to log, but where does it log to? There seems to not have been a log file produced, and no output in the terminal it was in.