Crashed after copy/paste, scroll

I tried to see if anyone said anything about this, but I crashed Scrivener when I copy/pasted text from LibreOffice.

Here’s the sitch: I had a couple of Scrivener windows open and I created a new project. I tried to import some .doc files into it, but only like two showed up. The others got error messages, even though they were all Windows 95/2000/XP .doc which I’ve had some success with so far.

Anyways, I opened up the docs that wouldn’t transfer in LibreOffice, and I copy/pasted one into Scrivener. 38,000 words or there abouts, but only like the first page showed. But as I scrolled down, a few more lines showed up, so I waited, nothing.

When I page up, it goes to the top of the page. But when I use the up arrow, more and more lines appear. So I thought I could get the whole thing to show up if I just held the arrow down :blush: Nothing happened holding down the arrow, but chunks would show up when I let go. Anyways, after about four big chunks, Scrivener stopped working and crashed.

This is the first time I’ve crashed it, but it has done the text chunk thing before. My project opens up, but only like two pages show in the window. So even though the word count says “10000,” there’ll only be like “600” visible. Then I’ll go to the bottom of the document, I can use the up arrow to get the rest to show up. It’s just a little weird.