Crashed Mac, transferring to Windows

Hello all. My Mac crashed recently and cannot be repaired. I had the foresight to save a back up scrivx file in an email but this cannot be opened on my new Windows computer. I made sure to update the most recent windows version of Scrivener.

I see that Mac to Windows transfers can be done via dropbox, but the old Mac is DOA and using it again is not an option for me.

Does anyone have suggestions for how to open a scrivx file (saved in Mac ) on a Windows computer?

Thanks! -Nils.

You need more than the .scrivx file, you need the entire .scriv folder including all subfolders.

If you were using Mac Scrivener 3, you’ll want to install the Win Scrivener 3 beta. The release version can’t open the Scrivener 3 project format.

If neither of those suggestions helps, you might try posting a screenshot with the exact error message you’re seeing.


Thanks for the reply Katherine. I downloaded Win Scrivener Beta 3 and tried to open the scrivx file with that. I got a “No Selection” message.

I do have all of the extra folders under the .Scriv folder but I’m not sure how to use those through the Scrivener application.

When I try to open thescrivx file in the most current (not Beta) version I get the following message:

FYI I ran a check for updates under the help function and I already have the most current update.

Again, the current release version cannot open a Mac Scrivener 3 project. That’s what the error message is telling you.

I’d suggest posting in the Windows beta forum explaining what happens when you attempt to open the project with the beta.


And if by chance you haven’t downloaded the latest Windows beta and tried opening it with that…that will likely work, but read the notes carefully for keeping the beta and the 1.9.x production release in parallel, as the beta does NOT allow you to export back to the earlier version.

What you may want to try doing is put the project files on a USB drive and go find a Mac you can temporarily use (a friend, a library, something like that). Download Scrivener 3.1.3, open it up in temp mode, open your project, and export your project back to the USB (renamed) as a Scrivener 2.x format file. Then you should be able to open it on your Windows Scrivener install.