crashed when I try to cut text

ok, so my main machine won’t connect to the internet, so I am unable to send a crash report to you guys. but when I cut a piece of text, scrivener crashes on me before I am able to copy it else where. It’s not a perminate thing, because I am able to cut and paste text after reopening scrivener a few times. but it’s happened quite a few times, in different projects as well.

Can you try re-downloading and re-installing Scrivener to see if that helps (especially if you installed Scrivener in the first few days of release, as I uploaded a slightly fixed version a couple of days later - all the changes will become an official 2.0.1 fix soon). If that doesn’t help, could you please copy and paste the gobbledegook part of the crash report into a text file (e.g. TextEdit) next time it happens, and send that to me from your internet-connected machine?


All the best,

Hi Keith,

I downloaded the new version, and it hasn’t crashed on me since. thanks!

Glad it helped! If you have any more issues, let me know. There are still a few rarer bugs lurking that I’m trying to track down…