Crashed when splitting panes[NOTED]

Scrivener crashed when I was experimenting in splitting the window in two. I added a photograph (Jpeg) to the research folder and was splitting the view between a text file and the Jpeg, the corkboard view and the Jpeg, etc. Was generally experimenting with the feature. Later I found it impossible to stop scrivener from splitting panes in two, so that when I tried to view the corkboard in one pane, Scrivener insisted on splitting it into two. Similarly when I tried to work in a text file in one pane, Scrivener split the pane into two, etc. After a while I tried to rectify this by clicking on a text file in the binder (my plan being on then clicking on a folder icon to get back to the corkboard screen, hopefully in one pane) when I got a dialogue box telling me that “Scrivener Exe” had stopped working and the programme would now close.

Could not duplicate. Though if you are trying to get rid of an excess pane, try using the [no split] button on the top right corner of the pane you want to be focused on and then going from there.