Crashes at merging cells

I’ve been working on turning tables into text on both 29 and 35, and keep running into the same problem: merging cells, especially on bigger tables, tends to make the project not respond and sometimes crash. When restarting, sometimes I find the cells have merged, sometimes not.

The project in question is quite large by now (about 500k by now), and I often have more than one project open, but I have also encountered the problem when the project was the only one open.

Is this happening to you only in the one project? If so, would it be possible to send a zipped copy to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so that I can test it? (If it’s over 20MB once zipped, that won’t be possible, but we could set up a shared Dropbox if you’re game.) I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet, nor has Lee, and without being able to see what’s going on it’s incredibly difficult to debug. Even if you can just make a sample project with a table that’s consistently crashing for you when merging, etc. that’d be helpful.

What version of Windows are you working on? Could you also look up the processor type and speed and your RAM and let me know (probably Control Panel>System)? Lee had to remove some optimization code for the latest build, so it’s conceivable that’s slowing things down for you a little, although mostly this is only going to affect slower computers. Also since you were having this problem with 029 it’s probably unrelated, but knowing the system specs could still be helpful. Thanks.