Crashes often when typing Hebrew characters


I doesn’t happen always, but very often: when I type Hebrew characters, the program hangs (“not responding”): I am forced to shut it down.

Details: Scrivener RC6 64-bit on Dell laptop with new installation of Windows 10, Font is “David”.

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Hi Benjamin621,

Can you provide any more details on what causes this? I wasn’t able to replicate this using the information provided. Does this occur in multiple projects or is there a specific one that is affected? Are there certain characters that cause the issue? Any other settings from the default that may be adding to the problem?

Thank you for your help with this.

Actually it doesn’t happen anymore right now. I can’t offer definite details right now of what changed, but I did update the BIOS, and also installed fonts used in the document (that I originally created and wrote on the Mac version).

Will report back if it the issue returns.

I have this problem as well.
My current WIP uses both Hebrew and English.

Problem #1
I have many troubles when using both, especially on the same line. My way to overcome that has been using () when inserting just one or two words. I don’t want to publish it that way, but that’s what I have found that won’t mess up a paragraph in English with a Hebrew word in the middle, or in a Hebrew paragraph with an English word in the middle. If I don’t do this, the word order will jump and the Hebrew word will appear at the far right of the line no matter how I try to position it in its proper place in the sentence. Is there a way I can quite using the () to hold it in place?

Problem #2
For those lines where I have a Hebrew sentence and the translation, I’ve used charts to keep the lines from going wonko. This is where a common problem comes in. I have several charts with English in one column and Hebrew in another. Quite often, they will suddenly appear on top of each other. All I have done in that instance is hit enter. And I’ve found if I can hit enter at the right place somewhere in the jumble, it will right itself. This happens when there is English text between the charts as well as when there is only an empty line between charts.
Two questions with this: Is there a way I can have a Hebrew sentence on the same line as an English sentence without using a chart? And what is it that is causing this doubling up of charts?

There are other problems, but these are the most common, other than an occasional crash. It doesn’t happen often enough that I have seen a pattern. Any help you can give would be great!