Crashes on closing.

If I edit the information synopsis and then close Scrivener. It crashes.

I opened scrivener, update a file synopsis and then closed scrivener. That’s when it crashes.
I have been able to recreate several times just doing that.

using Beta 1.9

I was using it normally (just editing files, mostly reading) on the linux version when I noticed this:

% ~ scriv-linux hildegard@volmar
Object::connect: No such slot SCRFullScreen::showInCurrent(QModelIndex)
Object::connect: No such slot SCRFullScreen::showInAlternate(QModelIndex)
Object::connect: No such slot SCRFullScreen::showKeywordHUD()
zsh: segmentation fault /lib/ --library-path /lib:/usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/lib

(The segfault is the important thing.)

Can’t get it to do it again, though.