Crashes on exit if cursor is in a Synopsis / corkboard

I was trying to see if I could reproduce the non-saving issue in v023 (no luck so far – always seems to save) but did manage to be able to crash it.

Steps are:

  1. Open a project
  2. Double-click in the Synopsis
  3. Write some text
  4. Click File > Exit

Always crashes for me and Windows seems to think the problem seems to be with QtGui4.dll

A few interesting facts:

  • When I double-click in the Synopsis and start typing the * doesn’t appear next to the project name in the Windows title bar (to show that changes need to be saved)
  • Also happens if I go to Corkboard view and double-click there and type something
  • I thought it was related to not saving (as the * doesn’t appear) but after crash text is always there

Clean install of 023
Windows 7