Crashes only on my Macbook Air

I had a problem before Christmas that Scrivener kept crashing. I was pointed to this thread:

My iMac now has no problems with Scrivener. My Macbook Air, however, continues to crash when opening my current project. I can start Scrivener by opening a blank project, but opening my existing project is a problem. Initially deleting the com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2 files as suggested in the above thread worked once. Now I can only open the project on my Air by deleting the ui.plist file as stated in above thread. It opens fine, but the settings are changed (such as it underlines words it believes are misspelled, a feature which I had turned off). This isn’t a long term fix as the problem just re-appears next time I try to use Scrivener on my Air.

This is the same project file on both machines, just copied over from a backup on Dropbox.

Any ideas how to fix this on my Air? I’m running El Capitan 10.11.2

This bug that you refer to is not a universal problem. I have never seen Scrivener crash because of this, I’ve tested it dozens of times with different configuration options. So it is entirely possible for your iMac to be fine while your Air is throwing a fit. We don’t really know why there is a problem on some machines—the crash is generic OS X animation code, it is very likely there is nothing for us to fix and it is just a bug in 10.11, but we’re looking into it.

Regarding your project settings: yes, that ui.plist file is what stores all of your settings, so when you remove it all of the display settings go back to default. You shouldn’t have to be removing it repeatedly though. This bug is purely a problem with launching a project window into Full Screen mode—meaning if you leave the project in standard mode it should not crash on the Air. Also note you can save your settings into a Layout, using the Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts… menu command.

Do consider that these days you can get most of what Full Screen gives you by enabling some auto-hiding. The menu bar can be hidden in the General system preference pane, and the Dock section has an auto-hide checkbox as well.

Thank you for your reply.

I tried coming out of full screen before saving my project last night on the iMac (or Big Mac, as I call it) and this morning was able to load it up fine on the Air.

I think I got confused when I read the thread before between the full screen mode on the monitor and the full screen mode while writing in Scrivener (if you see what I mean). Writing with just the writing pane covering the whole screen is one of the things I like about Scrivener.

I am also using Dropbox to transfer files between computers in an unconventional fashion, overwriting the old file with the new one which I had been working on on the other machine. I probably need to change that.

I can see how this issue is a bit of a mystery.

Right, there are two different modes. Composition mode is the one where the whole screen is replaced by just your text. Full Screen is where the regular program window is stretched to fill the screen. It is the latter mode that can cause difficulties on 10.11 (probably .2 only as it only just started getting reported after that update).

Depending on precisely what you are doing that could be okay. The way Macs drag folders (which Scrivener projects are) and replaces them is safe. The main thing you have to watch out for is with Windows, when dropping a folder into a location that already has a folder by that name, it offers to merge the two folders together—and that can make a huge mess of a project.

We have some guidelines for using Dropbox style services safely in the knowledge base.

Anyway, glad to hear the project is working fine on the Air now.