Crashes out completely & frequently. No pattern discerned.

I reinstalled the latest paid version of Scrivener for Windows several times. I have uninstalled and deleted the C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener folder manually as well as all versions of the .scriv for the tutorial before rebooting and reinstalling. It crashes frequently as I follow the steps in the tutorial on my Win7x64 machine. :cry:

Created new document using Novel template and it crashed out after about 5 minutes. All I did was read the “Novel Format” page, duplicate a Character sketch, rename it, move it to the characters folder. Then I looked at Compile, tried the Outline view, and went back to read. Scrivener crashed out.

I rolled back to version and it has worked well for hours in two projects, the Tutorial and one I created with the Novel template. I can live with this. :unamused:

This sounds like it may be a conflict with another software or service on your computer. A lot of users have had a problem whereby the security software Constant Guard from XFINITY blocks Scrivener, causing crashes–if you’re running that software (or other security software), open its options and remove Scrivener from the block list if it is there, then try launching Scrivener again.The 1.5.3 update involved changes recommended by eSellerate to enable their activation code to work properly, but this change (disabling DEP security) unfortunately causes some security software to flag it as a potential problem. Whitelisting Scrivener in the security software will allow it to run normally.

If security software isn’t the problem, it’s still worth checking for a potential conflict with another program. If you try booting in safe mode (hold F8 during startup to be able to select this option), which runs without enabling your usual start up items and anything but basic Windows services, are you able to use Scrivener successfully?

I’m experiencing the same thing with 1.5.3 especially when working with tables – adding or deleting rows or columns may work, then again the more usual result is Scrivener just goes away.

I get the same thing happen whether I’m using my laptop (Windows 7 Professional with SP1 with CheckPoint Secure Remote operating), or my desktop (also Windows 7 Home Premium with no security software other than AVG).

On the laptop the document still has content when I restart Scrivener. On the desktop it’s a blank document on the restart. Synchronization between the two is via Dropbox and I pause syncing when using Scrivener on either machine.

Very disconcerting as it never happened with the previous release and apart from writing I use Scrivener to structure and manage all my business and personal project documents :frowning:

Is there a log file I can access and review or send on?


We have fixed a bug for the next update related to tables from Word 2010 causing a crash–are any of your tables copied or imported from there? If you have repeatable steps otherwise, please do let us know.

For the crash log, navigate to the Scrivener installation directory and find the “minidump” folder there; it should contain files dated from the time Scrivener shut down on you. If you could select these, right-click and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder” and send that to AT literatureandlatte DOT com with a reference to this thread and a description of the problem, we can take a look at that too for any clues. Thanks!

Yes, the original table was part of a Word document I imported into Scrivener.

Dump files from laptop and desktop on their way to

Let me know if you need any additional information.


I’m getting random silent crashes as well on both Win 7 Pro and Win XP - In my case the books’ content has been nowhere near Word. Resources were imported from OO though. I will send the dump file to you as well

As it turns out, I was having a number of issues with my PC, so I reinstalled Windows 7. All is good now, including Scrivener. Sorry for the false alarm. I appreciate the attention.

Oh, I’m glad to hear things are going better! There was some other followup via email for various posts in this threads, so the next release will have fixes for some of the other crashing that’s occurred. One of them (dealing with complex imported tables) unfortunately is a bug in the Qt framework Scrivener uses that consequently wasn’t possible to fix entirely at this point, but Lee has added redundancy in the saving methods to prevent losing work in the event of such a crash. Hopefully the Qt bug will get fixed by the Digia guys as well and that can then be incorporated into a later release of Scrivener.

Now running and it crashed out 3 times today. Very frustrating!

I tried a number of things today. Ran complete PC Doctor tests, updated all my drivers, and tried running Scrivener with no other applications loaded. Still crashes unpredictably. Clean boot, nothing else running, opened a project, and left it open for ten minutes. Then, making no changes, I clicked on 5 or 6 different binders. Crash.

I guess I need to find a new platform for my writing. Ironically, I have convinced at least five people to buy Scrivener, one of whom had his book published last week while my work languishes.

I’m sorry you’re still seeing a crash problem with the latest update. Could you please go into the Scrivener installation directory and check in the minidump folder there for any crash dump files? If you have any from the time of the crashes, please zip the whole folder by right-clicking on it and choosing “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”, then either attach it here or send it to AT literatureandlatte DOT com so our Windows developer can take a look. This is just as frustrating for us, as problems like this are among the most difficult to track down and resolve, being typically related to the machine configuration (which could mean any number of various settings on the computer) and therefore not reproducible on all machines. The crash report might help analyse this, and I’ll check with the developer on any other specific specs that might be helpful.

Sent that data to Lee Powell almost a week ago. No reply yet.

@tonymayo: You might want to give memtest86+ a try( I personally had a faulty memory chip that caused totally random Windows Navy Blue Screens(sometimes once per week, later on few times per day). Please scan the whole memory. For me the faulty chip was allocating 4-8Gb Memory Space and everything worked fine if I do not push my machine. As long as I start some more heavy task it crashed randomly. memtest86+ showed some memory errors and after replacing(and simply removing) the faulty chip my machine never crashed since. You might give it a try too if you have more than one memory chip. I would also suggest test the CPU and any other peace of hardware. Try using specific hardware testing tools as PC Doctor is too general for me. We have investigated some similar minidump files and the stack traces always show impossible places to crash, like reading memory that has just been allocated. If Scrivener was crashing so often as you describe it, I can imagine a big wave of users posting about it. I cross my fingers for you to find the problem, tonymayo, as such problems are a big pain and waste a lot of time and energy. I know it from experience.

I appreciate the thought. I had it, too. Ran memory tests from two sources; no problem. Also, tried loading Scrivener by itself after a re-boot. Crashed.

Last night it ran for several hours with lots of other programs open. After this morning’s reboot, it promptly crashed.

Compiled my project to a Word document and re-booted. Created a new Scrivener project and began cut and paste from Word to Scrivener to re-create the novel. Worked well for about 90 minutes. Crash! :cry:

Attached are the zipped minidumps. (52 KB)

The saga continues. All Windows updates applied. Microsoft Security Essentials full scan run.

Used msconfig to disable all non-Microsoft services. Re-boot, nothing but Scrivener open, crash.

Used msconfig to disable all non-Microsoft start-up services. Re-boot, nothing but Scrivener & Chrome open, crash.

More minidump attached.
minidump 04 (56.4 KB)


I hope your minidumps will contain something that the Scrivener team can identify.

In the mean time, a couple of things seem suggested from your length of postings.

  • very interesting that all the problems went away when you fresh installed Win7 a month ago. What if rather than by Scrivener update, your problems are caused by a recurrence of malware? In regards to this, your mention of Microsoft Security Essentials seems to indicate you run no stronger protection.

I found that you can apparently download and use a strong Norton tool without having purchased their software. It’s here,, and please read carefully before using, so that it’s clear how to recover if it gets over-zealous.

There’s also Malwarebytes which is free and can find many less serious but troublemaking items. I’d run that too.

Given you find something or not, I personally think Norton Internet Security (NIS 2013) is very strong, as well as in recent years quite unintrusive and dependable as far as such security goes.

  • the other likely candidate for random crashes is the display driver. This is a particularly weak point of Microsoft’s, which continues to be so in the otherwise quite stable Windows 7 and 8 releases. You might look particularly into what your PC manufacturer has available for updates. Unfortunately taking more generic display drivers from Microsoft or the card/hardware manufacturer can be a difficult game, as these may be better in some ways, but also may leave out specific fixes needed by your computer. Trying different (fresh) drivers is the only way to be confident on that score.

  • I do note that you have at least 2 PCs mentioned, and it seems that only one of them is affected by the crashing issue. As Tiho says, if there were something generally wrong in Scrivener itself, he on the development team would likely have heard about it, by now even on the recent release. The graphics framework they are using is very, very much used in PC programing, so it gets very thoroughly wrung out, besides being watched over by Nokia. It’s then an unfortunate truth that individual machines, once in a while, are going to have very specific problems just due to the nature of Windows itself, and exactly what is on them. You’ve tried some good investigative steps in disabling extras, but again the central drivers, particularly the display driver, are always able to cause problems. Perhaps more so as the machine age vs. operating system releases becomes longer.

Good fortune, and I hope this adds a little to what Scrivener are no doubt doing with your crash dumps.


I appreciate your detailed reply. Dell sent a USB drive with a fresh version of Windows 7x64 Ultimate. I ran its repair function, that found nothing, and it merrily went forward with an operating system reinstall, though not from a freshly partitioned disk. Spent Saturday re-installing my application software. I should have taken the opportunity of testing Scrivener between installs of applications but was too intent on getting back in operating condition. All Windows updates and the fresh driver from video card mfg is installed.

Scrivener still crashed. Minidump attached.

Wow! The reviews of MS-Security have turned very bad in the past couple years. I will install F-Secure and see what turns up. (Rated #1 by AV-Test a few weeks ago) … %5D=124532