Crashes Right After Opening

So, I went to open Scapple just now (I bought it maybe two weeks ago?) and it refuses to open. It will open for a split second and then close:

It’s done this about ten times in a row now. I’ve restarted my computer (MacBook Pro purchased in September 2018), but nothing I can do will cause it to start. Any suggestions?

ETA: I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. That seems to have fixed it for now, but when I start it up, there’s still a weird black screen before it loads, which makes me think this might be a recurring problem.

Click the Report button in that error message. Copy and paste the details of the report in an email to our support team.


Thanks Katherine. Going to do that now.

I just had to restart my computer and it’s doing it again. Hopefully something can be figured out.