Crashes when backing-up or 'backing-up to'.

50% of the time when I press ‘backup’ or ‘backup-to’ Scrivener crashes.
I never lose anything but it is a bit annoying, I send off the report each time.

I get the ‘Scrivener Quit Unexpectedly’ OK or Reopen dialog.

In Christ /jesus, Karl.

Download and install 2.0 again from the main page. This was a bug in the initial build that went up, which Keith fixed within a day or so. If you downloaded when 2.0 first became available and haven’t upgraded, this is probably the problem.

(FYI, it’s not going to show up in the “check for updates” because it was just a quick change; the official 2.0.1 release will be out soon and will be a notified update, but Keith put up a post about the crash and fix for that in the bug hunt forum for those experiencing the problem since he didn’t want them to have to wait until he got the full update out.)

Thanks, can I just download and install over the old or do I have to put in the user name and key again?

In Christ, Karl.

You can download and install over the old. I don’t remember if it will recognize your license number and all that, so you may have to enter it again, but you should have all that information stored from when you purchased Scrivener and received the email with your information. You don’t need to purchase the program again or anything.

You won’t need to re-register. The only time that is necessary is if you have to do a full preference wipe, which should only be done if you are experiencing odd behaviour with Scrivener, as a potential remedy for corrupted preferences.