Crashes when editing

After not using Scrivener for some time, it is now completely unstable and I’ve experienced a long line of crashes, initially when I expanded it into all available space on the screen using the green button. But now it crashes when I attempt to edit anything using the delete or backspace buttons or to insert any text. I’m wondering whether I should reinstall it or if there’s something simpler I could do to rectify the problem. I’m running Mavericks and both and Scrivener are up-to-date.

Personally, I’d…

  1. Quit and then delete the application
  2. Cold boot the Mac
  3. Download a clean copy of the latest build from L&L
  4. Install and try again

You don’t want to venture into the wonderful world of Yosemite? :open_mouth:

Thanks Brian. Actually . . . stupid of me. Initially I never thought of rebooting but had to do so anyway and that fixed the problem. Yosemite tempted me, although other than graphics it has nothing I want/need, but I foresaw problems and now that I’ve created a Bootcamp partitio,n upgrading becomes even more problematic.

Many thanks

Glad it is working.

Personally, I prefer the look, speed, and functionality of Yosemite, but appreciate it is not for everyone.

Who is Brian? :laughing:

Happy writing