Crashes when importing research

Hi all,

I’m really sorry to have my first post be a problem, but I just downloaded the update 1.51 and ever since have had issues with Scrivener crashing when I try to drag and drop either pdf or rtf files into the research section for my paper. I’m still running Tiger on a two and a bit year old mac mini. Would the log file be helpful? Not sure what other info you need, but just say and I’ll try to get it.

I haven’t lost any work yet due to the crashes, but it is making me nervous.

Foxie, a very nervous 1L


Could you send me a file that when imported causes Scrivener to crash? Send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and I’ll test it out on Tiger. I’ve already had another report of a crash on Tiger with 1.51, so it looks as though there will at least be a 1.52 to fix whatever bugs are still present in 1.51.

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks so much - email away!

Interestingly, I’ve not had the same problem if I go through the menu (File -> Import Files, etc). Drag and Drop is really spotty though.