Crashes when trying to add Web Page

Version for windows, licensed

I am having a hard time adding Web Page information to Scrivener. When I do, the app becomes responsive and I have to kill it in the task manager. Upon opening again, the item that I created is there and when clicking on it, scrivener crashes again.

I’ve tried to import as HTML and Text. Is this a known issue or a way to get this to function?


This could be something with plugins or other extras on the page you’re trying to import, going bad when Scrivener attempts to churn it through a converter. The page not importing completely before the shutdown could also potentially cause the crash when you restart and try to load it. If you can’t get it to work with direct import to any of the formats, you could also try printing the page to PDF from the browser and then importing the PDF into Scrivener.

Webpage import is being overhauled for the next update, so that should provide a smoother way of working, but certain pages with a lot of embedded javascript, flash, etc. or restricted pages can always be problematic.

Why don’t you try saving it to your HD, and importing as a PROJECT REFERENCE in Scrivener ?