Crashes when using Poetry Template

If you are using the Tiger operating system, or in some cases, an older PPC (G4/G5) computer, and are experiencing consistent crashes when trying to use the poetry template, please download this alternate copy. It is the same exact template, the only difference is that it has the line numbering feature disabled. This new feature shows you line numbers in the left column, and is thus quite useful for verse, but is known to cause problems on some older computers. We are working on a fix for this, but in the meantime if you want to get working on your poetry collections, you can use this alternate template instead.

There is no penalty for doing so. The line numbering feature can be enabled at any time in the future (though I advise you to not do so until the bug is fixed; stay tuned).

If you have a project that is crashing when you open it, and you suspect it is line numbering that is at fault, follow these instructions:

  1. With the project closed (which it should be since you can’t open it anyway!)
  2. Find it in the Finder; using Spotlight if you are unsure of its location; you can use Cmd-Click to find a file in the Spotlight search results, instead of opening it
  3. In the Finder, right-click on the project and select “Show package Contents”
  4. Double-click on the “Settings” folder
  5. You’ll find a file called “ui.plist”; delete it
  6. Close all of the Finder windows and try to open the project again

This will wipe out all of your view settings, such as the size of the window, your splits, and most importantly, the option to use line numbering. So you’ll need to set up your project again the way you were viewing it before, but this procedure will not harm any data.
Poem (Tiger Compatible) (192 KB)