Crashes while working in the Outliner

Last two days I’ve experienced a couple of crashes while organizing files in the outliner.

No error messages or anything - just one moment Scriv is there and I’m working, and the next I’m looking at my desktop. :question:

Project is not overly large, 11MB, but because it’s a large amount (~6200) of very small files it’s actually taking up about 33MB of disk space. All text, no images or anything.

The only thing different lately is that I’ve split the screen to show the contents of the selected file in the other editor - I don’t think I’ve done that before. The project is on an external drive, and I think the crashes have always happened around auto-saving and simultaneously trying to load/move another document, maybe the drive just can’t keep up?


We’ve identified a bug causing a crash when moving items in the outliner and corkboard with the auto-load option enabled for the split editors. It will be fixed in the next update; in the meanwhile, you should be able to prevent the crash by turning off the auto-load (click the double arrow button in the outliner footer).

Ah okay, that’d be it then. Thanks. :smiley:

If I can just stop making mistakes earlier in the process, I won’t need to split the editor at all. :blush: :laughing: