Crashing at start/open project

I’ve used Scrivener before for my dissertation, but after the trial ran out I redownloaded it (didn’t realise I could reset) and tried to install it. Now, whenever I start a new project, it freezes and stops working. There is no error message. It allows me to select the type of project but as soon as I create it, it stops. The creation does work however, as the file appears on my computer. Any ideas? I was sure to completely uninstall before I reinstalled so there isn’t a conflicting version running.

Running Windows Vista

EDIT: It also crashes if I try to open old projects. However, when restarting after a crash, it will open the last project open and I can work freely

I am having a similar problem. Every time I try to create a new project, the program locks up and crashes.

Running Windows 7 32-bit.

Sorry you both are running into this problem. There’s a thread on it and some workarounds in the bug hunt forum here, to get you up and running with a single project at a time, and Lee is working on a fix for this and should have a new version to download soon. Thanks for your patience!