Crashing deletes entire chapter...

A sad bug report, I’m afraid. My computer had a random crash as I was typing a chapter, and when I came back to Scrivener after a reboot, the whole thing was gone. Not just the part I’d typed since my last save, but the entire thing, totally gone, erased.

Thankfully it was only 2000-ish words, but I don’t have a backup, since I’ve been typing everything into Scrivener. I probably don’t need to say that this particular bug is deal-breaking… If it erases whole chunks of text, how likely is it that it’ll destroy the whole story?

ETA: I did figure out how to restore from backup, but I still feel like this issue should be addressed, especially since saving isn’t the same as a backup. I’d just saved before the crash, in fact, and had only typed about 100 words before my computer crashed. The save didn’t matter, as the entire thing was gone. If I can help solve in any way, please let me know.

It appears that you’ve already restored most of your data, but if not: If your live project is stored on DropBox, then DropBox keeps versions of each of the rtf docs that comprise the writing portion of your Scrivener project. I’ve seen a number of posts where folks who’ve suffered system crashes were able to restore the words missing from their writing session by retrieving DropBox’s versioned docs.

Sort of an unintended side benefit of using the much maligned DropBox. :slight_smile:

As it happens, there’s a chance those words are still there, sitting in an RTF file that’s no longer indexed. It’s been a couple months since you posted, so you may have retyped all that text. However, if you poke around in your project folder (project.scrivx – not the file, the folder), you’ll find a Files folder, and in that, a Docs folder, which contains a number of numbered .RTF files. Those hold your writing, and they’re easily read (Word, OpenOffice, for example). Scrivener can also import them. So if you find the one that has the right datestamp (because it likely hasn’t been accessed since), you should be able to get the lost 2k words back.

As to the last question, unlikely. It would be nice if Scrivener had a function to reindex the RTF files in the project, but you can import the lot into Scrivener and manually reposition them or delete them.

:imp: A huge text document i had was entirely deleted, only the titles were left and i got instructions on how to find the text. couldnt.
now its happening again! im outraged, i dont even want to Contact the support because it takes so long time and it doesnt help. i see how each title i open just deletes all text in it in Another document in which i have alot of information.

im just going to try and recover and then go back to Word, not Worth this crazyness