Crashing every time on shutdown

HI there, I am still working with the trial version but have the NaNo-code to buy the licence when the trial expires.

Am now experiencing odd crashes - basically every time I close the program down for the night. I write a scene or two, then want to shut the PC down because daily goal is reached, close Scrivener, it starts aut-creating a backup - and that stops every time when it reaches the 38%-mark, causing Scrivener to no longer respond. It does save the work I have done during the session, but this crashing kind of annoys, not to mention worries me. Any solutions?

There was a bug with this in the early 1.0 release which was addressed I believe for 1.0.3 and solved the issue for most users, but I do have one new user on 1.0.3 who is experiencing a crash on close and we’re working to track down the issue. Could you let me know

  1. What version of Scrivener you’re running (Help > About Scrivener) and whether you fully uninstalled any beta versions prior to installing this version? (If you happen to know whether the Scrivener installation folder was fully removed by the uninstaller prior to your installing 1.0, please let me know that as well.)
  2. Where you’ve installed Scrivener to on your computer (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener)?\
  3. What version of Windows you’re running?

If you’re on a version of Scrivener earlier than 1.0.3, the first thing to try is updating via Help > Check for Updates. If you’ve installed Scrivener as an administrator and regularly run it as a standard user, you’ll need to close the program and then right-click the icon and choose “Run as Administrator” to open Scrivener, then choose Help > Check for Updates and download and install the updates. Once the updates have installed you can relaunch Scrivener in the standard fashion.

Hi Jennifer,

in answer to your questions:
I uninstalled the NaNo beta version on the 5th of December in preparation to download the new version - which on my PC is the 1.0.3 version, which I run as administrator - but I could not say whether the installation folder was removed, sorry. Taking a wild guess I would say it was, as my husband (the IT buff in the family) regularly checks my PC and tends to remove any .exe files no longer deemed necessary, which means the installation folder of the NaNo Beta would have been gone shortly after installing the beta.

Scrivener is installed directly in the Program Files folder (C:\Program Files\Scrivener). I tend to run the file I am working on from a shortcut in the startup menu, but I don’t think that should make a difference.

I am running on Windows Vista Home Premium.

Currently I am working around the crash by clicking “abort backup” as soon as I close the program and it attempts to create the backup. It is not likely to be ideal, doing this, but at least that way I do not crash.

Thanks for trying to help working out what is wrong. And by the way - Happy Christmas!

Where does the backup go? Does the backup disk have enough space?

Are there any non-text files in the project? Large media files can cause problems, but people have also had trouble when imported PDF and Word files contained unusual characters. Having the backup fail at the same spot every time suggests that Scrivener is encountering something it doesn’t like.


The backup goes in a dedicated folder on the C-drive.
I have tried creating a new dedicated folder and have deleted all the .jpg-images and unused pre-set folders and other things I do not need to keep the space requirements low (although I sort of figured that Scrivener kind of “advertises” with the possibility of having all your research in one file, in which case having 5 jpg’s should not make the program crash when trying to backup.

It did not, however, solve the problem. It backs up to between 35-37% (getting very slow from 33% onwards), and then it stalls and won’t respond anymore. Not ideal :cry:

Could you try making a backup outside of Scrivener and seeing if you have the same problem? Scrivener uses Windows’ utilities for this, so that may help isolate the problem. With the project closed in Scrivener, go to wherever you save your project–e.g. in your user Documents folder, find the “MyNovel.scriv” folder–and then right-click the project’s .scriv folder and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder” to create a zipped backup. Is it successful or do you get an error message? (You can delete the new .zip created when you’re finished, if you like, since this is just for testing–it’ll be created in the same place your project is saved, so in the example above you’d just see a new “” file in the Documents folder.)

If you do get an error message, could you please copy out the text and paste it here or take a screenshot of the message and post it as an attachment? (You can use the PrintScreen key to do this, then paste into Paint and save it to upload on the forum.)