Crashing/file recovery bugs


I’ve had Scrivener crash several times on my system. This has resulted in completely lost image (.png) and text files that I had recently added to my project which were not backed up/recovered correctly. However, all of the text files were recovered upon re-opening scrivener, just not the image files.

I tried to re-add these files to my project, and everything seemed to be working alright, so I closed out of Scrivener (note that I did not see a “Project Backup” dialog window open). When I re-opened scrivener, all of the files that I had just re-added were once again lost (though they were recovered again – except for the image files).

I’ve never had Scrivener crash before, so something with the new beta is causing the problem.

I’m on Windows 10 (Windows 10 Pro, Version 1803, OS build 17134.407), and recently upgraded to the new beta (Scrivener Version Beta (404521) 10 Dec 2018).

Hopefully this can get fixed soon. Thanks!

  • Ross

Hi Ross, are you able to provide a small sample project with a separate attached image so we can try and duplicate this behaviour? Steps where we can duplicate would be most helpful.