Crashing in the Corkboard split-view of the Tutorial

I’ve repeatedly encountered crashes when I perform the split-horizontal view. I can successfully view the ‘Draft’ folder in Corkboard view, but when I click the ‘Research’ folder, Scrivener experiences a severe slowdown (the mouse pointer changes to an hourglass). When I attempt to click inside the Scrivener application, I’m prompted to wait for the program to recover or to exit the program. I’ve allowed Scrivener to wait for as long as 3 minutes, but control of Scrivener is never returned to me.

I’m using the HDI version of the 2.9.9 beta.

That sounds to me like a problem with one of the documents in your research folder, a corrupt image, PDF or something like that. How much content of what types do you have in your research folder?



As Mark mentioned, there may be something within the Research folder that is causing some issues. Do you get the same issue when viewing the Research folder in a single pane editor Corkboard mode? You could add a folder at the same level as the Research folder in the Binder, move all of the contents into the new folder, then view the empty Research folder in a spilt view editing pane and move one item at a time back into the Research folder to see which one is causing the issue.

Thank you for the response! I’ll try out the suggestions and report back this weekend.

@xiamenese - The content of the Research folder is the content that is included as part of the Tutorial. I’m going through the tutorial to learn about v3 features and capabilities.

@Jestar - I experience the same issue when viewing the Research folder in corkboard view in a single pane. I also moved the contentst of the Research folder to a different folder (named Untitled) at the same level ( Research folder empty; Untitled folder contains contents of the Research folder). Even emptied out, I was not able to view the Research folder nor the Untitled folder in corkboard view.

To be more specific - Scrivener does render the corkboard view in split panes, but then hangs and I have to restart the program. There is no data loss (that I can see) from having to recover this way.

By the way - I have since recreated the Tutorial project and am now able to freely view the Research folder in corkboard view in a dual-pane configuration. No issues at all; Scrievenr remains responsive. I still have the original project that was hanging Scrivener.

Something definitely didn’t get created properly for some reason. If the new version works for you, I would just dump the one that doesn’t and not lose any more sleep over it. The tutorial project is built on the fly (on demand), so it could have been a bad sector on the HD, a corrupted file creation, or… If you were unable to build a new tutorial project that worked, I would be more concerned about having the devs take a look at it.