Crashing in XP

I’ve been having some trouble getting the Scrivener for Windows beta working on my XP machine at home. I followed the advice in this sticky post and reinstalled the beta last night. I got the same result.

The program loads and gives me the screen to start a new Scrivener project or open an existing one. I choose the Blank template, name it “blank” and save it to the Scrivener folder I’ve created in My Documents. It is at this point that Scrivener crashes.

Upon reloading Scrivener informs me that blank.scriv was created with a previous version and no longer compatible. I remove the project folder and start another. Same result.

I’ve attached the error report for any interested parties. Anybody else run into this problem? I’m grateful for any help that can be offered.
3400_appcompat.txt (37.4 KB)