Crashing on delete/cut?

Hi folks, this morning Scrivener has crashed at least half a dozen times. It seems to happen most frequently when I delete or cut a bit of text - but not every time. It also does it when I am working in full-screen mode and then switch to another app - but not every time.

I am in the middle of writing a book and this is making it incredibly frustrating! I updated to OS Big Sur last week, but the problems have only just started today (previously it crashed maybe once every few days, which is not great, but I could handle it).

I’ve downloaded the recently-posted ‘test’ version but the same thing keeps happening. Is anyone else having this problem, and is there anything I can do to solve it? Please don’t make me use a word processor :frowning:

If you are still having the problem after installing the test build, please open a support ticket:

Include the crash report and the information from Scrivener’s About Scrivener page.


Some reports of this crash suggest that it’s related to screen redraws in Page View. Are you in Page View, and does disabling it help?


Sorry to intrude on the thread but I have been having the same problem trying to delete an image linked to document (even using the test build). I was in page view and, having tested it, can confirm the crash does not happen when deleting the image and not in page view. Thanks for that idea.


We’ve been having trouble finding a reproduction case for this particular crash. It appears related to the page redraw code, but that doesn’t narrow things down much. So if you have a test project and series of steps that does it consistently, we’d appreciate a note to the support team, here:


Hi. I am having the same issue. Scrivener just crashed 3 times in five minutes. I have sent bug reports multiple times since this started happening in November.

Version 3.2.1 (14481)
Mac OS Big Sur 11.0.1 (20B50)

I saved the code in a text file if you would like for me to share it. There is no way of attaching it here and the code is too long for the forum.

I’m using the Novel template, Scene.

Looking forward to hearing back from the team. I’ve been using Scrivener for years on Mac OS and have never had this happen.

I sent an email to Mac Support with the crash code report from Apple. Happy to jump on a screen share if you need to show you what happens to see if your team can replicate the crash.

I’ve been trying to recreate this in a small test project without success using the new test build. However, the problem does recur reliably in my existing project (which, unfortunately, contains a lot of confidential information so I cannot send iit, even though it’s small). In case it helps:

I’m using macOS 11.0.1 andf the latest trial build of Scrivener on a 2019 16" MacBook Pro with a 2TB SSD (with masses of spare space) and 32GB of RAM. The project uses page view with the page setup as A4 landscape. The item which crashes on deletion (i.e., select and then backspace) is a large, centered between margins (pretty much full page) jpeg screen shot of a spreadsheet. However, when I create a test project using that screen shot I cannot reproduce the crash .

I have sent the crash reports when prompted but appreciate those may not be helpful if I can’t reliably reproduce the problem in a new project: sorry!


Are you in Page View, and does turning it off help?


I have at last managed to reproduce in a test project the conditions for the crash I’ve been experiencing and will submit the test project as requested (which has notes about how I reproduced the crash - as well as an image deletion of which will create the crash).


That did help! I don’t like writing outside of page view, but at least I am not crashing now. It had also started to crash just using the delete key.

We are currently testing a fix for this particular crash, which appears to trace to a bug in Apple’s code for rebuilding pages after a deletion. In the meantime yes, avoiding Page View is the best workaround.


I’m also having the same problem. Just started happening today and had a half dozen crashes. I sent crash logs your way. :slight_smile:

Have you tried the test build linked in this post:


Wow, I should have turned notifications on!

The test version seemed to work for about a week, but it’s just started doing it again - crashing when I highlight and delete a block of text, or sometimes just pressing ‘delete’ at all.

I’ll have a crack with ‘page view’ turned off. Thanks, and I hope the fix is coming along nicely!