Crashing on start under OSX 11.1 Big Sur

after having updated to OSX 11,1 Big Sur I can’t open any scrivener-file at all as well as the program itself. My scrivener version is 3.1.1.
Did anybody face the same problem and solve it already? I’m thankful for any hint.

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Update your Scrivener version to 3.2.2. It addresses numerous Big Sur incompatibilities.

I have a similar problem after some OS updates. Mine crashed and now can’t open back up.

When I try to open it I get this message

[i]The last time you opened Scrivener, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?

If you choose not to reopen windows, you may have to open and position the windows yourself.[/i]

Then asks if I’d like to re-open it.

Then when I request to re-open it, it can’t, it says scrivener quit unexpectedly and gives me what I think is a bug report that is sent to Apple.

So I can’t even update Scrivener.

I can’t even access my work.

If anyone can help that’d be much appreciated.

You can download the Scrivener update directly from our site, here:

You don’t need a working (or any) copy of Scrivener to install the update.


Thank you very much Silverdragon. I updated last night to version 3.2.2 and everything works fine now.

You’re welcome!

I’m having the same problem- except I downloaded the updated Scrivener, and I’m still having the same issue. Any idea how to resolve this?

Make sure that you really are using Scrivener 3.2.2. The crash report will tell you.

If you are, open a support ticket. Include the crash report, and flag it as [URGENT] if you need a response before January, as we’re in our holiday shutdown.


It seems to be okay now. I ended up having to make a lot of copies on my desktop. Will there be any problems if I trash the original and just keep the latest copy? For some reason, only the latest copy is opening up anyway.

And yes- to answer your question, it is the latest version- 3.2.2. Seems like I just needed to let it ‘sleep’ overnight lol

Thanks for your help

Extra copies of the Scrivener application, or of your project?

In either case, it should be okay to delete them. Both Scrivener projects and the application package are self-contained and don’t depend on old versions of themselves.


I’m having the same problem as Salicat- multiple tries to download, even after restarting my laptop. I’ll send a report, as I have to access my files this week!

Of my project- thanks Katherine!

When I first had the problem, I started the Mac in Safe Mode and I was able to open up that way. Not anymore, but in the beginning that might help

Scrivener does not open for me, either on Big Sur 11.1. I emailed Scrivener support, who are always excellent when it comes to responses, but if anyone knows a fix, please let us know. Perhaps some sort of Mac repair setting?

Current ver of Scrivener? 3.2.2?

Ah, no, 3.1 something. How do I get update?

Well, since you can’t start I guess you can’t do the “check for updates”. Somewhere on this forum there is a link to where they released a copy of this version for people to download and install independent of the “check for updates”. Have a look.

Others may have a better idea, as will of course Scrivener Support. But maybe this gets you going.

Download here…

or… … s?os=macOS

Festive wishes


Even better idea, just download new copy from the production Scrivener website. I think it will just install retaining license and all that.

That worked! Thank you.