Crashing on syncing with Dropbox

Scrivener has been crashing repeatedly when syncing with Dropbox. I have the habit of switching quite often between my MBP with High Sierra and my iPad Pro 9.7. I do some work on my iPad and then carry on on my Mac. I try as much as possible to close the project after each session, to avoid building up of conflicts. I have noticed however that Scrivener has been crashing quite often when synching, prior to opening a new session on Mac.

Delete and re-install the Dropbox app if it causing your Mac to crash.

(how do you know that it is the Dropbox app that is crashing your Mac?)

Actually I have no idea of what is causing my crashes. All I know is that they happen when syncing and that my devices are synced through Dropbox.

Have you opened a support ticket? Unless it’s something obvious, crashes often require the kind of one-on-one troubleshooting that’s best handled through our support system.

Please include a copy of the crash report if possible.


Scrivener on your Mac doesn’t sync with anything. Mac Scrivener opens and saves your project to a folder on your Mac, and that’s all Scrivener knows. If that folder happens to be a folder called Dropbox, created by the Dropbox app you have installed, then the Dropbox app syncs the content of that folder with the Dropbox server, in the background, while you are writing in Scrivener, without Scrivener knowing.

So Mac Scrivener crashing is restricted to something concerning Scrivener.

I’ve done what you suggested. Thanks and kind regards,