Crashing when importing files

Hi, I’m totally new to Scrivener and have just started my first project. I’ve been through the full tutorial so am pretty sure I’m following all the instructions correctly but every time I try to import a Word file into my new project, Scrivener crashes, with the message: ‘Scrivener has stopped working’. I have tried creating new projects and restarting the programme several times but the same thing happens each time. I’m having no problems with any other programmes on my laptop. Any ideas?! Thanks.

Does it crash if you import any other types of files besides Word documents? Have you tried pdfs, or rtf files? Are the Word documents .docx or .doc? Where are you trying to import the files to, your draft folder or the research folder? Is there any formatting in the files?

Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to import into my research folder. I have tried a number of different Word docs, which are .docx, with the same result. However, I have just tried a .pdf and that imported immediately with no problems.

And yes, sorry, the Word docs are formatted using headings/navigation pane.

So it’s something specifically about importing Word documents, not all files in general. I’m guessing it’s an import converter problem. Go to Tools>Options>Import/Export and click “Import Converters” at the bottom. For Doc and Docx files, choose Microsoft Office instead of Scrivener. Hopefully that works.

If it doesn’t work, then you’ll have to do some more digging. You say you’ve only tried .docx files. I would suggest that you open them in Word and save them as .doc files (Word '97 - 2003) and attempt to import them again. If that doesn’t work, save them as .rtf files in Word and try one last time.

I believe Scrivener doesn’t allow import of text documents such as .doc/x or .rtf files into the research folder. They must be imported into the draft/manuscript folder. If you want their content in your research folder, print them to PDF and import that.


Mr X

Wow, didn’t even think of that. Seems kind of strange that it wouldn’t be allowed, though.

Somewhere in all the discussion in the forums, at a guess in the wish-list forum, there is a post in which it is explained why. I think it was some time ago, so you and/or the OP will have to do a bit of a search to find it.


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Well, the OP can do it, I don’t care that much :stuck_out_tongue:

Any file type can be imported anywhere in the binder outside the Draft. The only limitation is that only supported text documents (i.e. those that Scrivener can convert to RTF) are allowed inside the Draft. So what the OP’s trying should be working, but there may be something about the particular files that is hanging it up. Sanguinius’s suggestions to switch import converters or re-save the file to another format are both good; saving a copy and then stripping that of extraneous Word styles before importing might also do the trick.