Has anyone used CrashPlan with Scrivener?

Will it work and restore properly?


Anything that offers to backup silently/automatically/in the background (e.g. TimeMachine) is going to have the same issue in that while you are working—while the project is open in Scrivener—you are essentially creating bad copies of your project every time the back-up runs. This in itself will not harm anything, but it does dilute the list of good backups where the project was closed, making them difficult to find. With TimeMachine, they can become impossible to find, because it increasingly weeds out incremental back-ups, the chances that it destroys the one you ran while everything was closed goes up.

That aside, the only other concern I have with plans like this is that your backups are only as safe as their business model. :slight_smile:

FWIW I prefer to retain a degree of control when making backups, so I don’t use TimeMachine. I’ve two Lacie d2 Quadra drives and use SuperDuper! to handle my backups - the second drive simply backs up the backup. Nothing is completely foolproof of course, but SuperDuper! makes the process as simple, quick and painless as anything I’ve found so far and, because I initiate the process, I can ensure that no files are open and therefore are very unlikely to be corrupted. The resulting backups are bootable too; a godsend if the hard drive suddenly fails as was the case with my PowerBook: I lost virtually no data at all.

Just a thought.


I am trying Crashplan at the moment. I have it installed on two machines, and am backing up from one to the other. It takes ages and slows up both machines. I’ve not tested a restore. I would prefer to backup to an external hard drive in one go but ran out of space on the one I was using. I use Dropbox to backup my Scrivener files separately because it’s very fast and I’ve tested it under fire when my hard drive crashed. I did think of buying an upgrade to Dropbox so that I could use Crashplan to back up to it…

I’ve sent you an invite to Dropbox in case you haven’t got one.


Thanks, Tripper. I’ve got Dropbox. I just wondered if Crashplan wasn’t an invisible back up. Sounds like it’s not invisible enough.

Well actually, it may well be working more on the background than I originally reported. The second backup it did today happened in the background and I hadn’t even realised it had happened until I opened Crashplan and it told me it had done one 2 hours previous. I’m assuming the backup is incremental: my first one took ages (3 hours for 7Gb) but subsequent one seemed painless. So try it, but be prepared for a long initial backup.