Crazy good program, but I may have the wrong version

I have had Scrivener for Windows for quite a while, but I have not had sustained time to do a full self-study. I’ve got some chapters of a novel transferred over, but often put the project aside for months at a time (to wind down my law practice, which doesn’t want to be wound down, it seems).

But here’s the problem. One reason I haven’t been able to do a lot of learning is that either in tutorial or in working with my own stuff, after about 15 minutes there is “so much going on” that my computer slows to a crawl, and the mouse itself has to wait to refresh.

I am not–absolutely not–griping about the availability of Version 3.0 (and I would gladly pay $100 for it). In fact, I didn’t even know about it until an hour ago. So my question is this: running Windows 10, with what the program says is Version, can I get well by reinstalling something, or must I wait for Version 3.0?

(I am also somewhat dubious that that is really the version that I have. says it was released in October 2016, but I do not recall doing any kind of update (unless there is an auto-update, whenever the program is booted up).

This is a crazy good program, and I would hate to have to give it up when I haven’t really gotten started yet.

Bill Hodes
The Villages, Florida

1.9.7 is the current Windows version. If in doubt, you can reinstall by downloading from here: … taller.exe

Unless your project is ridiculously huge, any system that will run Windows 10 shouldn’t have any particular performance issues. You might want to drop our Windows support team an email if reinstalling doesn’t help:


The frequency of auto-save can degrade performance, Tools > Options > General > Save after period of inactivity:. My ridiculously huge project runs best with the setting over a minute.

Rgds – Jerome