Create a Clipping with Matching Style

I would love the ability to create a new clipping (via services and “Create New Clipping From Selection”) that will override the original clippings text/font/size with the Scrivener default. For example: I have recently been using WriteRoom on my iPod Touch to quickly jot down small notes and/or clips and I have made it a habit to sync these clips at the end of the day. I have assigned a shortcut to the services-Scrivener-Create Clipping… and I love the feature but I then have to go into Scrivener and manually change the format from White/Helvetica/Size 17 to Black/Palatino/Size 14. I know its a simple task but it does add up and it would be nice to take these steps out of my workflow. Of course if this feature is already present and I am not seeing it because I am too dense I apologize. Many thanks and I hope to hear back soon.

2.0 will provide a “Create Clipping as Plain Text” Services option, which should do what you want.
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Thank you, you’re the best! Keep up the fantastic work!